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My Story

I have worked with neurodivergent individuals for over 20 years. Before serving as a therapist, I worked as a youth pastor and later as a high school teacher at a neurodiverse high school. 


I got into the field because of my own psychological struggles. As a child, I was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. Later, as an adult, I came to accept my own battle with OCD. My own personal therapy was a life saver. I learned to identify my struggles and constructively work through them with a trusted professional. My positive experience in therapy inspired me to give back and help other men who struggle with their neurodiversity.  


I have a dynamic personality with a unique ability to connect with neurodiverse clients. My approach is interactive, solution-oriented, and uniquely crafted for each new client.  

I am happily married with four children and two dogs (a pug and French bulldog). I enjoy writing, podcasting, exercising, watching TV, and hanging with friends.  

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